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Vintage 1968 Fender Telecaster -beautie !

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I just found this very cute blonde ! An all original 1968 vintage Telecaster, that is...

This guitar is very light, vibrant and offers an amazing tone, both acousticaly and with an amp.

Both pickups are powerfull and full of character.

When I get my hands on such a quality instrument, I do understand the hipe around vintage guitars.

One thing special about this one is the pickguard... It is original but... In 1968 and 1969 Fender used 3-ply pickguards on its Telecaster. And some were very strange since they were mounted with a perloid face on the bottom (invisible if you do not unscrew the pickguard).

If you speak to older Fender employees, they will tell you this story about an employee in 68 who cut some pickguards the wrong way... And that they had to recycle the guards by using some nice perloid on the bottom.

Thanks for this great find L. !

p.s. not for sale


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