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The FRUIT GUITAR... Put some fruits in your guitar mix!

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It is with great pleasure that has partnered with luthier THIERRY ANDRÉ to launch his new creation: the FRUIT GUITAR!!!

Guitare Fruit Guitare Fruit

I fell in love with this modern revision of one of the oldest instrument on earth at the Montreal Guitar Show. I offered Thierry to help him spread the word on this exciting hand made instrument, offered at a very reasonnable price.

Here is how from a simple fruit he proposes an instrument with impressive sonic performances.

Courges africaines

It started as an exploration of Eastern stringed instruments design and at some point took form as the Fruit Guitar.

Montreal based luthier Thierry André has created a professionnal level 6 strings instrument tuned exactly as a folk guitar. This rounded back fruit instrument is made out of a gourd (calabash), a hollow neck (Honduran mahogany, Sitka spruce, carbon fibre) and a wooden top (Douglas fir).

Weaving influences from East and West, past and present, Thierry André’s approach to guitarmaking is somewhat unique and true to the avant-garde spirit. His attention to details that defines the Fruit Guitar makes is really what makes it a world class instrument.

The Fruit Guitar is a really dynamic harmonic transmitter reminiscent of the African cora and middle eastern plucked instruments. Equipped with a modified piezo pickup and a truely playable 24 fret neck; the Fruit Guitar suggestst new musical horizons to guitar players.

Here is a video to discover the craftmanship of this amazing instrument.

And this video samples the many sonic possibilities of the Fruit Guitar! The two first pieces are through a pick-up and amp and the last one is purely acoustic.


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